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Conflicted Self – Unchained Thoughts!

I often get asked ‘How do I stop thinking a certain way’, my answer is DON’T try, if it’s not important whether your thoughts are scary or not, why try to stop them, give them their space, this is the way to lose them.

Explanation is ever self-amusing job. Understanding what is or might be happening is not something that is curative.



Some people are intimidated into thinking what’s right or wrong

Actually: Everyone, at some point or the other

A perception, impaired with others wrangle

Engrave into what you think you thought, but really, it’s only a combined truth painted by the society (so called)

 Untarnished identities, they don’t exist.

Tale Of expressions: what our minds are made of.

When your thoughts get the nerve, roll back, start afresh

No’ one but you, evaluates your thoughts

Almost every time, my viewpoint is conflicting, to major.

But I don’t ever evaluate/judge them or myself.

I like to take charge for actions but explaining them, is just waste of time

People change, we move-on, life goes, REALITY is what remains.

Be empowered to your thoughts without a second opinion

If nothing had any meaning, you would be right. But there is something that still has a meaning

It is all the confusion about how you feel. Your mind spends all-time looking for answers and trying to find a way out of this Puzzle

When we try too hard to do ANYTHING, it seems to slip further from grasp

Battling your thoughts & trying to rid yourself of them is the wrong attitude and a battle you will lose for sure, again you are fighting something that is totally normal in the circumstances

As we know nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Midnight Slice Of Life!

This was the path unknown where I departed

I conceive it on a dark stroke of midnight

There is a belief to knit a broken dream

For a future that is puzzling & shimmering

Deeper I sway while reasoning

Harder to catch that wink & yawn

This chase I have registered

Shouldn’t be pursuit at all

As haywire I’m

With ambitions & inhibitions standing tall

Also have an outlandish yearn to wander

It grows with fears of asylum

I ponder & ponder this radiant thought

As I stray towards dawn to catch d dream, but have deep desire to SLEEP

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